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.....silent interpretation of a screaming reality!

Steve Goins, Artist

Steve Goins is the featured artist and is "Screaming Reality", a name given to him by one of his Native American friends and colleagues many years ago.  As mentioned, Steve is a self taught artist with a natural artistic ability and style, and a psychic connection to the deeper levels of existence in himself and others.

He has traveled the world presenting his thesis of "Truth and Integrity" a symbological treatise on delving into the depths of your own and others psyche in search of the elusive but "screaming reality" of who you are.

Steve has collaborated with several metaphysical gurus as the artist for some of their publications.  His artwork is featured in Melody's "Love Is In The Earth, Crystal Tarot", and  Susan Jennings', "Earthborn Wisdom".

Steve is also an avid rock collector and owner of the referring website: StoneArtTraderscom.



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